Jeshi, This Thing Of Ours
Directed by Rawtape

“This Thing Of Ours” examines the dwindling population of the bt payphone throughout the uk.

Each box, its own intimate “public private” space designed to facilitate human connection in emotion or emergency these often overlooked artefacts of the pre-internet era are being removed at a dramatic rate.

Not only marking a new chapter in human connectivity but also perhaps yet another subtle signifier of the welfare states retraction as another government subsidised service fades away from the streets.

“This Thing Of Ours” foregrounds these forgotten artefacts as a symbol of a britain that is quickly fading as focus moves from community to individual.”

- Rawtape

Aspect Ratio: 1,78:1
Format: Super 35, Digital
Camera/Lenses: Alexa Mini + Cooke S4